7 Day Personalized Meal Plan $100

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*Please note: we do not do cookie cutter programs like some other trainers! Each program we personally designed for each and every client! 

This Personally Customized Program Includes:

- A Personally Customized 7 Day Meal Plan Program! 
- Exclusive Bonus Guides! 
- Nutrition Training Videos
- All programs are personally designed based off your height, weight, age, sex, body fat percentage, body type, activity level, experience level, time availability, food allergies, food intolerances, food preferences, and your goals! 
1. Add the program to your cart. 
2. fill out your personal info and complete your purchase. 
3. Download the "Client Questionnaire" after you complete your purchase. 
4. You can also fill out the questionnaire by clicking here: QUESTIONNAIRE. 
5. Fill out the questionnaire and email it to: taylor@taylorempey.com. 
6. Depending on the demands of your program, please allow 3-7 business days (Mon-Fri) to receive your personalized program which will be delivered via email to the address you provide with your order. 
(Everything will be emailed to you via PDF and web links). 
We look forward to working with you! 
Please email us if you have any questions: taylor@taylorempey.com.